Potatoes, Tomatoes, and Apples OHH MY!!

A rainbow of Tomatoes!!

I know there has been a bit of weather hating this year here at the Dead End Alley Farm, but not everything in the gardens has been slowed down!  We are having a great summer with tomatoes.  We have close to 30 plants in the ground with that being broken down into roughly 2 plants per variety, which leaves us at about 15 or so varieties.  Today you are receiving a nice cross-section of those tomatoes, some are big, and others are small, but they all have their own story to tell.

A few of the really fun ones are the Green Zebra, Striped Roman (which is the roma style that is red and orange), and the Indigo rose (the smaller one that is black and orange).  Some tomatoes, like a roma, lend themselves well to making sauces.  Other ones make great slicing tomatoes for a BLT sandwich.  Either way, this time of year tomatoes are probably my favorite thing to grab out of the garden.



The first of the potato harvest is in.  Harvested from our garden out in the country, these Red LaSodas are a gorgeous potato to look at.  Like any red potato, they lend themselves well to just about any recipe you could think of – mashed, roasted, fried, you name it.  One possibility would be to make mashed potatoes, but with a twist.  Take the whole head of garlic (peeled) and add that to the boil.  Strain with the potatoes and mash up the garlic as well.  Top with some fresh chopped parsley, and a pad of butter, and you will find yourself in root vegetable heaven!


Also coming from the country garden are the apples.  On the land where our garden is located is an old apple tree that sadly was blown down in a wind storm this spring.  But somehow, there is still enough juice left in the tree that it ripened up some very beautiful apples, with very little pest damage.  They are slightly tart, but are a very pleasant apple even for fresh eating.  If you wanted to use them in a recipe, you could combine them with the kohlrahbi and make a vinegary apple slaw.

Along with the potatoes, tomatoes, and apples, you will also find peppers, radishes, carrots, onions, summer squash, lemon cukes, Dino kale, Swiss chard, kohlrabi, herbs, and a savory loaf of garden fresh zucchini bread.

There is still a little bit left of summer, so make sure to enjoy the weather, and eat good food!  Until next time, Cheers!





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