The Value of Value- Added Products (Oh Yeah, and some Root Crops too!!!)

SAM_1342Another week has come and gone here at the Dead End Alley Farm. And with that week we find ourselves a bit closer to the Fall equinox that eventually happens every season.  But even with that melancholy time of year on the horizon, we still have a big handful of weeks left to enjoy with family, friends, and good food.  And good food is what being a CSA member is all about.

This week we have a few new items that we are very happy to share with you all.  First off are the first potatoes of the season.  There is a small mix of whites, russets and blues spread out over all of the member shares.  Second up is a nice selection of both red and golden beets.  This time last year we were swimming in beets, and sadly we are far behind that high mark of last year, but at least we have some.  And third, the garlic harvest is in!  We had a great year with our garlic, and grew over 300 heads spanning 7 different varieties.  The garlic that you will find in your share today is considered fresh garlic, so it will peel slightly different than garlic that has been cured, but otherwise is identical to heads of garlic that you are used to already using.

Also included in this weeks share you will find radishes, a mix of cucumbers, celery, summer squash, salad mix, and dwarf-blue kale.  All of these could be used to make a big, garden salad.  Speaking of recipes, to go along with your salad, why not roast the root veggies.  Coarsely chop the potatoes, carrots, beets, and garlic ( I might also include some celery in this as well) and add to them a bit of olive oil, soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper to taste, and a handful of herbs, and let sit for about an hour.  Preheat oven to 350, and roast the veggies for about an hour or so and serve with fresh salad, and bread!

Lets finish the rest of the share now.  This weeks bread is a hardy white bread baked with salted sunflower seeds.  With all the baking I have done lately, this one may be my favorite so far.  You will also find chicken stock, and also strawberry and rhubarb syrup.  It was suppose to have been jam, but it failed to set-up properly.  Don’t let that fool you, it is still wonderfully sweet and can still be eaten with toast in the morning, added to yogurt, or served over ice cream!!

We pride ourselves on the value added products, as the name says.  By adding value to a weekly CSA share through products like stocks, breads, and preserves, we bring it to the next level.  We all like fresh bread, but most people don’t have the time to bake it themselves.  And we all like jam or other sweet things but we don’t have the fruit to make it with.  These kinds of products are not only delicious, but also save you time in the kitchen.  Its our job to make at least a part of your dining experience fresh and local and packed with added value.  Enjoy!



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