Familiar Faces



Today I am having a hard time finding the words for the weekly newsletter.  It is not that events are going poorly or that I have bad news to share, but I think it comes from a state of stasis.  The gardens find themselves at an interesting point in their journey thus far.  While we still have close to another 2 full months of decent growing weather (hopefully and keeping my fingers crossed), I feel that right now our gardens have reached a mid-season blandness.  While this could be seen as a negative, lets not go there, but instead try to find some beauty in the plain!

Most of what you are receiving this week are some of the familiar faces you have already met over the last 2 months or so.  Once again there is a nice bag filled with freshly picked beans.  What I might do with some tonight is just lightly saute’ them in butter and season with salt and pepper to taste.  A few other cast members you will find are kohlrabi (purple this week), carrots, a couple of cukes, a purple Marconi pepper, fresh baby salad mix, an herb bouquet with celery, basil, sage, and cilantro and rhubarb.

One new veggie we have included this week are the first heads of cabbage this year!  I know, besides myself, there is at least one other cabbage lover that is a part of this CSA so there is at least one thing to get really excited about!  Tomorrow I am going to try making something called Bierocks, a german bread stuffed with ground beef and braised cabbage, so there is one idea you could try.  You could also put together a slaw also using the kohlrabi, carrots, and onions.  One last idea, is making up a small batch of sauerkraut.  If you decide to try that, google small batch sauerkraut using mason jars to find a recipe that looks good to you.

And lastly is this weeks bread.  It is a whole wheat, oatmeal, and honey bread.  Since taking over many of the CSA responsibilities this year, baking the bread has also become a part of my life again.  Thanks to the CSA, I think I have found a new hobby that the whole family enjoys!  Well that wraps up this newsletter, and another week.  Thanks again for your support, and we will see ya at pick-up time!!





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