July Begins!!

SAM_1336Happy July friends and family!  Another month passes by as well as many events.  As most of you know, our family was in Italy for about nine days and we did not provide a CSA share last week.  As well as being gone for over a week, there was major flooding in our neighborhood which included the sanitary sewers backing up; we’ll just say it was a real sh*tty situation!  But we are back and are providing shares for all four of our members (including the bi-weekly 1/2 shares) this week.

As the world deals with climate change, it is becoming more noticeable in everyday life as well.  While the weather and climate have always had fluctuations and natural cycles, it seems to becoming more apparent that the climate is truly shifting towards unpredictable extremes of temperatures, draughts, flooding, and more.  This season is a prime example.

While much of the globe has been breaking high temperature records, our neck of the woods, the uppermidwest of North America has had below normal temperatures and lots and lots of rain.  Because of this arrangement, there is lots of greenery everywhere, but a lot of our garden plants are having a hard time getting going.  The radishes and beets have been a disappointment this year and we have had a near total crop failure with the spinach.  While I am not trying to paint a horrible picture, this is a good reminder of how precious our food systems are, and that their fragility is an issue we need to start taking more seriously.

Well, enough of the soap boxing, let’s get onto this weeks share.  One things that has done tremendous for us are the snap peas.  Eat these right out of the bag, dip ’em into a homemade yogurt sauce, or you could use them in a stir fry.  If you find yourself going in the stir fry direction, you may want to throw in some of the garlic scapes that are also included this week.  A garlic scape is the reproduction organ of hardneck garlic varieties.  It resembles a green curly que, that is packed full of garlic flavor.  It can be used in soups, stir frys, sauces and most places that a strong garlic flavor is needed.  It does not cook the same as garlic and does well with a little additional time before eating, though I think pureeing it for vinaigrette dressings may also work.  Experiment with it if you have the courage!

You will also find in this weeks share a small amount of lemon cucumbers, lettuce, rhubarb, and a bouquet of wild marjoram and winter savory herbs.  I envision a salad with diced up lemon cukes, and maybe a rhubarb vinaigrette if you are feeling adventurous.  For value added products this week, we have Karyn’s famous bread, but baked with some rye flour this time, veggie stock (onions, collard greens, nettles, carrot, garlic scapes, salt, and peppercorns), and a small jar of pickled baby carrots and scapes.

Once again we appreciate the support of our members and we are so happy that people are supporting small, local, urban farmers such as our selves.  While we can’t always control the weather or how certain crops perform, we always strive to do our best to provide you with a high quality, weekly share.  See ya’ at pickup!!


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