Summer 2014 is Here and so is the First Pickup for the CSA!

Well the time is finally here!  After such a long, and cold winter, the Earth has finally awoken, and here at the Dead End Alley farm we are starting to be surrounded in lush, and verdant greenery.  While some of our gardens are a little behind schedule, we are starting the season out with a great first CSA share.

First CSA share of the season!!

First CSA share of the season!!

Included in this weeks share you will find rhubarb, Eygptian Walking onions, Celtuce (which is an Asian lettuce), radishes, wild majoram, Karyn’s famous bread, homemade chicken stock, and a spring harvest of honey from our bees!  Some cooking ideas for the various produce could include rhubarb crisp, a salad made with the celtuce and radishes served with a vinagrette made with a few sprigs of the majoram and a bit of honey it as well, along with a soup using the stock.  The walking onions can be used like any other onion, but make sure to use the green tops as well!

Marjoram is a relative of oregano and can easily be substituted for any recipe that calls for oregano.  Soups, pastas, meats…

I am very excited about the honey for many reasons.  Mainly though because it comes from our bees that survived the cold winter this last season.  We went into winter with 3 hives and came out with only one, but they are very strong bees and we are happy to share their honey with you.

In the spirit of freshness, most of the produce is minimally processed, so what that translates too is WASH your food before using it.  While we take great care in quality and food safety, the food is grown in a living environment that other critters call home, so be safe and properly wash all produce before preperation.

For now we will be using canvas bags for our weekly pickups.  If you have an extra 1 or 2 to contibute to the rotation that would be great.  At some point we may switch to milk crates instead, but that will happen at a future date.  And we are always open to comments, questions, and ideas, remember a CSA is based on community, so let us know what you think, or how we can do things better.  Until next week, enjoy the weather!  Peace and Cheers … Andy and Karyn


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